Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pudding Painting

Apparently the Beans is ready to give up one of his naps :( I was hoping to make it through the winter without having to do that (mainly for selfish reasons - if he goes to one nap, then they won't nap at the same time which means no me time), but oh well. Since he napped this morning he refuses to do so this afternoon, so he got to participate in our art activity, which is more fun than napping anyway.

Busy decided she wanted to do some painting and she wanted to paint the sun catcher that our babysitter, Lindsay, gave her for Christmas. So while she painted the sun catcher, Beansie did some pudding painting.

I use plain sugar-free vanilla pudding
and add food coloring. 
I used red, blue and a dab of some with no coloring.

Plop the pudding on a plate (for older ones)
or the high chair tray (for the little ones).

First, he had to taste a little :)

Then he got to "painting."

Both hard at work.

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