Monday, December 10, 2012

Scout - Our Elf on the Shelf

Meet Scout, our Elf. He arrived last year for the first time, but this year he is a lot more fun! The joy that came across Busy's face when she woke up this morning and found him swinging from the lights in the dining room was pure magic! She proceeded to tell him about what has been happening over the last year, since she last saw him. She gathered some toys that she thought he might like to play with while he was here, and she poured some cereal, put out a banana and some pretzels all for energy so he could travel back to see Santa tonight to report how good she is being :) This is gonna be great!

These are the most popular names according to Busy named our elf Scout last year, I think because the book talks about the elf being a scout elf that helps Santa. Once she saw Ernie, Wip's elf, she started asking when Scout was going to show up. So she wrote him a letter to ask.

And we mailed it.
So Santa sent an email letter back...

It was signed by 'Santa Claus!'
All I had to do was register our elf! How cool is that?!

I can't wait to see where that silly little elf pops up over the next couple of weeks! 

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