Monday, December 24, 2012

Sight Word Activities

In a previous post I talked about the pre-reading books and sight words that Busy is working on. Someone recently had asked me about another activity that they could do with the books for sight word practice. There are a number of things you can do to keep learning fun and provide a variety of learning opportunities for a variety of learners. Here are just a few...

Sight Word Bingo

To play sight word bingo, you need to make a game board like this one that includes all of the words you have been working on. I used both sides of the card stock paper.

Read each word with your child before you begin the game for practice. I called out each word but you can make small index cards with the words on them so if she gets stumped, you can show her the word and she can find it on her game board. When she finds the word she stamps her pencil eraser in the ink pad then stamps a circle on the correct sight word. She can also use a real stamp or her finger for variety. 

Once you have called all of the words you can start to repeat some or simply turn the paper over for more words. Keep the paper so you can practice again using a different color in the next time. Then she can count the dots to keep track of how many times she has correctly identified each word.

For extension, you can help her graph how many times each word has been stamped. 

Cap Spelling

I save the caps from water bottles, juice bottles, milk cartons and so on. You can play lots of word games with caps. Simply write one letter per cap and place them in a labeled snack baggie. This way she can see the word in front of her and match the caps to the letters to make the word on the baggies. For older children you can do this with spelling word as well. 

Dry Erase Word Practice

Busy loves to write on dry erase boards! Here she put her board on the floor and began copying her sight words off of her word wall. I encourage her to write anything on her boards. This way she gets practice writing letters as well as words and shapes and numbers too. 

Shaving Cream Writing

This is exactly what is sounds like. We have a coffee table with a lip to it that we sometimes use for shaving cream projects or for when we add food coloring, we use the red tray. Let them spread the shaving cream around and explore for a while before the actual writing begins. 

Water Painting

You need a chalk board for this activity. You can get a small one at any school supply store or make your own like we did. Ours is chalk board contact paper. 

Write the sight words on the chalk board. I gave Busy a small paint brush and a cup of water and showed her how to write with the brush tracing over the chalk written words. She likes this activity and after writing her sight words, she enjoys drawing shapes and "squiggles" with the water.

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