Friday, December 14, 2012

Snowman Sun Catcher

Snowmen are a favorite winter craft in this house :) We like making them in many different ways; with paint, marshmallows, glitter and cotton balls! This is our sun catcher snowman made with glitter and sparkles. Thank you No Time For Flash Cards for this cute idea!


2 paper plates
orange and black construction paper
glue (regular and hot glue)
contact paper

What to do:

1. Cut the center out of each paper plate, saving the middle of one for the snowman's face.
2. Put glue on the face of the snowman in the pattern for the eyes, nose and mouth and put on the face parts.
3. While your child puts on the face parts (and the hat), cut out two squares of contact paper and lay one out flat.
4. Sprinkle glitter and other sparkly things on the contact paper then put the other square on top to seal in all of the glitter. 
5. Using the two paper plate rims, sandwich the glittered contact paper in between them and glue them together. I used hot glue so it would dry faster.
6. Glue the face to the body of the snowman and tie ribbon around his neck to make a scarf.
7. Once all of the glue has dried, you can hang it in the window to be a sun catcher!
Step 2.
Step 5.

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