Sunday, January 27, 2013

Painting with Cars

Painting is something that we love in this house! We love painting with all colors, although Busy prefers pink and purple these days, on all kinds of mediums and using all kinds of materials as a paint brush. I decided to start a weekly painting project focusing on using different kinds of "brushes." I will post the projects individually as we do them, then create a post with all of the projects together. 

The first project we did last week was "Painting with Cars." We have done this a few times, but it never gets old. We have been revisiting what primary and secondary colors are, so I focused on that with this activity. This is what we did...
1. I rolled out some white art paper and taped it to the table to prevent it from slipping. 
2. I then poured out a line of red, yellow and blue paint.
3. We lined up the cars at the lines of paint like they were ready for a race.
4. Busy drove each car through the paint one color at a time. *Each car had their own color.

5. Then she began to drive them through each other's colors, creating the secondary colors.

As she drove the cars around on the paper, we discussed how mixing some of the colors made new colors. Red+blue=purple etc.

She also noticed how the cars made different tracks because they had different wheels and how one of the cars sat lower in the front so the wheels weren't getting as much paint on them as the other cars :)

This was the finished product, which I love!!! We hung it in her art gallery and the Beans loves to touch and look at it!!!

Thanks to J for trying some car painting! You did a great job! And thank you to his mom for sharing :)

Week in Review

This week was short on days, but not short on fun :) This is our week in review through pictures...

Beansie went to My Gym again this week...
and took another 4 hour nap afterwards!

We played dress up
And New Pink Big Pink played dress up, too.

We went to the Science Center

The Beans pretending to be a polar bear :)

Saturday we went to Henry's Ark. Busy is explaining
how "you don't feed the birds with your fingers or hands.
You have to drop the food on the ground or they
will eat your fingers. I know this because it happened to me
when I was 2." :) :) :)

We saw the sunset on the way home.

Movie night: 'Monsters, Inc.'

O and Bentley had a long day.

Being silly at Nana and Baba's house.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paper Plate Weather Chart

So, the teacher in me has been dying to start a morning calendar with Busy! I figured I would introduce the routine in phases. She is, after all only 3 years old. A couple of weeks ago we started with the basic "today is..., yesterday was..., and tomorrow will be..." Last week we added the weather chart. Busy looks out the window and decides if it is sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy. And when we let Bentley outside, she stands at the door and decides if it is cool, cold, warm or hot. She then puts the corresponding picture on the chart. The other day I saw another weather chart at Blissfully Domestic that I thought Busy would like making herself, so that's what we did today. You need a paper plate, some glue, a marker to divide the plate in to 4 sections and label each section, some yarn or string to hang it, a clothes pin, and some construction paper to make the *sun, clouds, umbrella, snowflake and arrow.

We hung our paper plate weather chart with a magnet on the fridge where our calendar station is, but you could also hang it by a window. She loves investigating the weather and changing the arrow and pictures to match her findings. Kids this age are such the little scientists, and I think it's important to tap into that curiosity while they soak up everything new :) Eventually I will introduce the actual calendar, so stay tuned...

*Instead of all construction paper, we dressed it up a little with a cotton ball cloud, a felt umbrella and a glitter glue snowflake.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sand Paper Transfer T-Shirt


  • white t-shirt (I got one at Hobby Lobby)
  • sand paper 
  • crayons
  • iron
What to do
  1. *Color hard on the sand paper. You have to color hard so the transfer will work.
  2. Iron the sand paper, drawing side down, onto the shirt using a paper towel between the paper and iron. Iron on the cotton setting for about 30 seconds then check a corner to make sure it transferred. 
  3. Remove the sand paper and voila! She has a fun new t-shirt with her own drawing!
  4. To set the color, place a couple of paper towels on the design and iron. This will remove any extra wax. Then throw it in the drier for about 20 minutes or so. 
  5. Make sure you wash it separately the first time.
 *The reason I emphasize "color hard" is because we didn't and the colors were not very vivid like the one from here. You can let the child color on the sand paper then go over his/her work to make the crayon heavier.

Week in Review

This week was COLD! Yep, freezing. The kind of cold that makes your bones shiver and your hands hurt. We spent the entire morning on Tuesday at the Science Center and had a blast! Beansie followed Busy everywhere and tried to do exactly what she was doing :) He also found some new things to climb at home, we ate breakfast for dinner, and we went to Memphis to visit friends and family.
This is our week in review through pictures...

This pretty much sums it up.

Flying the airplane at the Science Center
playing with the air tubes was a huge hit!!!

breakfast for dinner - eggs and french toast


"fishing" with Faith at the Children's Museum of Memphis

He liked "shopping" at the grocery store :)

I'm a rock star...
and I'm out. Thank you very much.

He ate a lime ;)

Playing with Bubba's big dogs

Shelby Farms playground

It was a long car ride home.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Secret Spy Laser Maze

Tuesdays are our long days. We went to the science center in the morning, but Tuesday afternoon we had nothing to do. Busy really wanted to go on a walk, but it was FREEZING and super windy, so we made a laser maze for secret spies :) I used blue painter's tape to tape yarn to the sofa, the walls, the ceiling and the floor. I taped the yarn in varying heights and angles so she could crawl, bend, step or jump over the "laser" trying not to touch them. 
She LOVED this!!! 
After going through a few times, she rearranged the lasers and did it all again, and again, and again!

Thank you Pinterest, once again :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stress Ball Balloons

A while back I posted about the calming jar that we use when Busy gets a case of the reallys. Recently I decided to switch it up a little by offering her other ways to calm herself when she finds her emotions getting the best of her. The idea I settled on came from here and although she used more emotions, I decided to focus two - crazy and mad (or frustrated). I feel like I need to explain crazy - she sometimes gets a little crazy and intense when she is loving on her brother, so she needs a calming break at times. This is what they look like when done - sorry, I needed both hands (and hers) to fill the balloons with play doh).

You need balloons, play doh, and a permanent marker. Fill each balloon with Play Doh making sure you get out all air bubbles before tying it. Then draw faces on the balloons representing the emotions you and your child choose. Like I said, we chose angry and crazy, but we also added happy so that once she had control of the emotion, she could switch it out for the happy balloon before moving on.

Bonus: This activity is also a good way to work on fine motor skills (she rolled the play doh into snakes and put it in the small balloon opening) and is a good sensory activity as well. You can also make your own doh which uses math (measuring ingredients) and literacy (reading the directions).

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week in Review - back in the swing of things

This week we finally got back in to our regular routine...thank goodness! I enjoy some time off, but more than a week gets a little rough for all of us. Especially when it is super cold! Monday the Beans started back to parent's day out and Busy started the next session of gymnastics. Tuesdays are free mornings with ballet in the afternoons, and this Tuesday we went to the zoo with friends! Wednesdays both kids are in school with music in the afternoon, Thursdays Busy has school and the Beans started a new gym class, which he LOVED! And Fridays Busy has school again. So, school, activities, the zoo and the park. Oh! And the Beans graduated from pudding painting to real paint and created his first masterpiece :) It was a great week! Here it is in pictures...

Waiting for Nana to go to ballet.

At the zoo with John!

Fun at the park on the slides
my little tree mini me :)

Reading time

Beansie's first gym class...

was a huge hit!!!

another park, Beansie playing basketball
with the big kids. 

Busy made a new friend and they played tag :)

she was super silly on our walk, doing
karate (her version anyway).

building with daddy

Painting with real paint...
is so much fun!!!

What shall we call it?