Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chore Chart...modified.

Busy has been working on responsibility and we even made a chore chart for her a few months ago. We were both excited about it, but the excitement didn't last long. In hind sight, I made the chart too ambitious and for too confusing. It seemed as though it may work out at first, but a three year old needs simplicity when following instructions and apparently the same goes for doing chores. So we modified. 

This is what we ended up with...

I got this idea from Pinterest (duh.)

She has three things to do in a day because she is three years old. (I also use this rule with a time warning - "three minutes and it's time to clean up", with eating "you are three years old so you have to eat three bites of asparagus", and with alone time "take your calming jar and be alone for three minutes while you cool off in your room").

The chores have Velcro on the backs so they are interchangeable (although I plan to keep these 3 for a while). There are magnets at the top and bottom so that when she has completed a chore (and I have checked it) she can flip the flap closed to show it has been done. 

The chart hangs on the wall by her room at what we call her "station." 

So, live and learn. It's like most things in life...less is more.

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  1. Oh my goodness I love what you came up with! So darling and smart! :) Love that it's her "station" Thanks so much for sharing!