Sunday, January 27, 2013

Painting with Cars

Painting is something that we love in this house! We love painting with all colors, although Busy prefers pink and purple these days, on all kinds of mediums and using all kinds of materials as a paint brush. I decided to start a weekly painting project focusing on using different kinds of "brushes." I will post the projects individually as we do them, then create a post with all of the projects together. 

The first project we did last week was "Painting with Cars." We have done this a few times, but it never gets old. We have been revisiting what primary and secondary colors are, so I focused on that with this activity. This is what we did...
1. I rolled out some white art paper and taped it to the table to prevent it from slipping. 
2. I then poured out a line of red, yellow and blue paint.
3. We lined up the cars at the lines of paint like they were ready for a race.
4. Busy drove each car through the paint one color at a time. *Each car had their own color.

5. Then she began to drive them through each other's colors, creating the secondary colors.

As she drove the cars around on the paper, we discussed how mixing some of the colors made new colors. Red+blue=purple etc.

She also noticed how the cars made different tracks because they had different wheels and how one of the cars sat lower in the front so the wheels weren't getting as much paint on them as the other cars :)

This was the finished product, which I love!!! We hung it in her art gallery and the Beans loves to touch and look at it!!!

Thanks to J for trying some car painting! You did a great job! And thank you to his mom for sharing :)

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