Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paper Plate Weather Chart

So, the teacher in me has been dying to start a morning calendar with Busy! I figured I would introduce the routine in phases. She is, after all only 3 years old. A couple of weeks ago we started with the basic "today is..., yesterday was..., and tomorrow will be..." Last week we added the weather chart. Busy looks out the window and decides if it is sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy. And when we let Bentley outside, she stands at the door and decides if it is cool, cold, warm or hot. She then puts the corresponding picture on the chart. The other day I saw another weather chart at Blissfully Domestic that I thought Busy would like making herself, so that's what we did today. You need a paper plate, some glue, a marker to divide the plate in to 4 sections and label each section, some yarn or string to hang it, a clothes pin, and some construction paper to make the *sun, clouds, umbrella, snowflake and arrow.

We hung our paper plate weather chart with a magnet on the fridge where our calendar station is, but you could also hang it by a window. She loves investigating the weather and changing the arrow and pictures to match her findings. Kids this age are such the little scientists, and I think it's important to tap into that curiosity while they soak up everything new :) Eventually I will introduce the actual calendar, so stay tuned...

*Instead of all construction paper, we dressed it up a little with a cotton ball cloud, a felt umbrella and a glitter glue snowflake.

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