Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sand Paper Transfer T-Shirt


  • white t-shirt (I got one at Hobby Lobby)
  • sand paper 
  • crayons
  • iron
What to do
  1. *Color hard on the sand paper. You have to color hard so the transfer will work.
  2. Iron the sand paper, drawing side down, onto the shirt using a paper towel between the paper and iron. Iron on the cotton setting for about 30 seconds then check a corner to make sure it transferred. 
  3. Remove the sand paper and voila! She has a fun new t-shirt with her own drawing!
  4. To set the color, place a couple of paper towels on the design and iron. This will remove any extra wax. Then throw it in the drier for about 20 minutes or so. 
  5. Make sure you wash it separately the first time.
 *The reason I emphasize "color hard" is because we didn't and the colors were not very vivid like the one from here. You can let the child color on the sand paper then go over his/her work to make the crayon heavier.

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