Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Secret Spy Laser Maze

Tuesdays are our long days. We went to the science center in the morning, but Tuesday afternoon we had nothing to do. Busy really wanted to go on a walk, but it was FREEZING and super windy, so we made a laser maze for secret spies :) I used blue painter's tape to tape yarn to the sofa, the walls, the ceiling and the floor. I taped the yarn in varying heights and angles so she could crawl, bend, step or jump over the "laser" trying not to touch them. 
She LOVED this!!! 
After going through a few times, she rearranged the lasers and did it all again, and again, and again!

Thank you Pinterest, once again :)


  1. hi tracy it's Faith that sounds sooooooooooooo cool i think i should try doing the secret spy maze i have done that at an arcade center except it had real lasers! p.s. loved seeing you mlk weekend

    1. Thanks, Faith!!! Next time you are here we will have to make another maze for the two of you to try :) As always, it was awesome seeing you!!! We love you!!!!

  2. HOPE I COME SOON!!! -faith