Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stress Ball Balloons

A while back I posted about the calming jar that we use when Busy gets a case of the reallys. Recently I decided to switch it up a little by offering her other ways to calm herself when she finds her emotions getting the best of her. The idea I settled on came from here and although she used more emotions, I decided to focus two - crazy and mad (or frustrated). I feel like I need to explain crazy - she sometimes gets a little crazy and intense when she is loving on her brother, so she needs a calming break at times. This is what they look like when done - sorry, I needed both hands (and hers) to fill the balloons with play doh).

You need balloons, play doh, and a permanent marker. Fill each balloon with Play Doh making sure you get out all air bubbles before tying it. Then draw faces on the balloons representing the emotions you and your child choose. Like I said, we chose angry and crazy, but we also added happy so that once she had control of the emotion, she could switch it out for the happy balloon before moving on.

Bonus: This activity is also a good way to work on fine motor skills (she rolled the play doh into snakes and put it in the small balloon opening) and is a good sensory activity as well. You can also make your own doh which uses math (measuring ingredients) and literacy (reading the directions).


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