Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week in Review - back in the swing of things

This week we finally got back in to our regular routine...thank goodness! I enjoy some time off, but more than a week gets a little rough for all of us. Especially when it is super cold! Monday the Beans started back to parent's day out and Busy started the next session of gymnastics. Tuesdays are free mornings with ballet in the afternoons, and this Tuesday we went to the zoo with friends! Wednesdays both kids are in school with music in the afternoon, Thursdays Busy has school and the Beans started a new gym class, which he LOVED! And Fridays Busy has school again. So, school, activities, the zoo and the park. Oh! And the Beans graduated from pudding painting to real paint and created his first masterpiece :) It was a great week! Here it is in pictures...

Waiting for Nana to go to ballet.

At the zoo with John!

Fun at the park on the slides
my little tree mini me :)

Reading time

Beansie's first gym class...

was a huge hit!!!

another park, Beansie playing basketball
with the big kids. 

Busy made a new friend and they played tag :)

she was super silly on our walk, doing
karate (her version anyway).

building with daddy

Painting with real paint...
is so much fun!!!

What shall we call it?

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