Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week in Review - Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!
This week we rang in the new year at home with some champagne (Busy with some sparkling apple cider). We tried some new things, went to some old places and saw some family faces. This is our week in pictures....


Jello from (in an ice cube tray) was a popular new year's
eve dessert.

New Year's Day breakfast :)

Hurry up, dinner! Beansie waiting for the baked tacos to be done.
Pudding painting (he did more eating than painting)

Snack with a new dip recipe
was delicious! 

Busy doing her "homework"


We went to Kazoings for open jump this week.
This is the first time the Beans has been old enough
to jump. He did not like it...

Busy did....

He preferred to play ball with the high school
kid on the job :)

And play with the trains....

and drive this cool car.

The big man went on his first bike ride!!!

We had another glow bath!!!

With glow sticks in a bottle in the bath!

Busy's self portrait.

In Nashville we saw cousin Bailey, which is always a treat!!!

The little dude can put away some food.

Busy is spending the night with Nana and Baba,
so the Beans had some time to play with (on) Daddy
without his sister bossing him around, before bed.

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