Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week in Review

This week was short on days, but not short on fun :) This is our week in review through pictures...

Beansie went to My Gym again this week...
and took another 4 hour nap afterwards!

We played dress up
And New Pink Big Pink played dress up, too.

We went to the Science Center

The Beans pretending to be a polar bear :)

Saturday we went to Henry's Ark. Busy is explaining
how "you don't feed the birds with your fingers or hands.
You have to drop the food on the ground or they
will eat your fingers. I know this because it happened to me
when I was 2." :) :) :)

We saw the sunset on the way home.

Movie night: 'Monsters, Inc.'

O and Bentley had a long day.

Being silly at Nana and Baba's house.

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