Thursday, January 3, 2013

Writing in the Snow - at word family

I was recently asked 'What is your favorite thing about your daughter?' My response, her curiosity and love of learning. She has a thirst to learn new things. She doesn't just ask why, but also asks how, when, where, who and what. She wants a deeper understanding of how things work and what things do and why things are. I think it's actually quite amazing. I think she's actually quite amazing.

With that being said, although I introduce certain things to her, academically speaking, I do not force her to do anything. She thrives on a challenge, so I challenge her. So recently I introduced word families. The -at family. And this afternoon she asked if we could do a different activity with the -at family :) I racked my brain for something fun to do and remembered an activity I did when I was teaching that the kids loved...writing in snow! I went to my "school box" in the closet and pulled everything out.

You can get this here or here.

 After a rules discussion and a demonstration of how to write in the snow, we got to work. I showed her a picture and she told me the beginning sound of the word in the picture and told me what letter made that sound. Then she wrote the letter in the snow to make the word. She loved it!

When we had gone through all the pictures (3 times) she wanted to play :)

A smart cookie, this one ;)

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