Saturday, February 9, 2013

Heart Sun Catchers - "Stained Glass"

Well Folks, it's almost Valentine's Day! Today we decided to make another sun catcher, heart style.
What you need:

  • self laminating sheets
  • tissue paper
  • construction paper (we used red)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
What you do:
  1. Cut the tissue paper in different shapes and sizes
  2. Cut the construction paper in the shape of a heart to make the frame
  3. Fold the laminating sheet in half then peel the backing off.
  4. Put tissue paper on ONE half of the sheet creating a stained glass look.
  5. Once the ONE side of the sheet is covered with tissue paper, carefully fold the other half over sealing the tissue paper in between the two sides. 
  6. Place the construction paper heart over the folded sheet and trim along the outside to tidy up the frame. 
  7. Hang your heart in the window to create a beautiful sun catcher! 
Step 4
Steps 5 and 6
The only tricky part about this activity is folding the laminating sheet to seal the tissue paper. There are a few bumps and ridges in ours, but you can't tell at all once it hangs in the sun. And in my opinion, perfection is overrated. Imperfection is much more interesting :)

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