Friday, February 1, 2013

Kitchen Chair Re-Do

We have a set of hand-me-down chairs since we got married. I haven't the slightest idea how long they have been covered with the same green and white fabric. All I do know is that 1. I remember the fabric from when I was little and 2. The white is no longer white.

We were at a friend's house Tuesday for a play date and I happened to notice her kitchen chairs. I don't remember what they looked like before, but they were so cute that I immediately noticed they were new. Being the good friend that she is, she offered the rest of the roll to me. And being the cheap-scape that I am, I took it :) The fabric is laminated (wipeable) cotton from, perfect for kitchen chairs that have kids sitting in them daily. I was so excited! But when I sat down to start the redo process, I realized I didn't have enough fabric to cover all four chairs. Oh, the horror! I was so disappointed.

Already in the DIY mood, I headed to my fabric drawer to see what I could find. Last summer Busy had a sprinkler birthday party in the backyard and I had covered the food tables with fun fabrics. I found one that I thought looked good in the room and got to work. I sprayed the fabric lightly with Scotch Guard to prevent some stains, then cut and covered each chair seat using a staple gun (one of my favorite tools that I don't get to use often).

The before and after pictures are pretty staggering. I like the brighter palate the new chairs offer, but I also know I will be changing them again because I really do like the idea of the laminated cotton. Oh, my likes are ever-changing...and so is my house ;)