Friday, February 1, 2013

Painting with Ice

A few days ago I mentioned that I wanted to start a Painting Project Series. We started with Painting with Cars, which turned out super cute. I even had a text from a good friend with a picture of her son painting with cars!

Today we worked on the second installment of the series...
Painting with Ice
This is what we needed:
1. ice tray
2. paint
3. craft sticks
4. Press & Seal wrap
5. paper

This is what we did:
The day before - 1. Pour some paint into ice trays.
2. Cover the tray with Press & Seal wrap and
cut a small slit over each paint well.
3. Poke a craft stick through each slit.
4. Stick in the freezer over night to freeze.

The day of - Take the ice tray out of the freezer a few minutes
 before you want to paint. Lay out some paper.  
Let each child start with any color ice cube and discuss 
how painting with ice is just one more tool you can use
to create art. Remind them of painting with cars and 
help them compare and contrast painting with cars and ice. 
(for example, both are tools used to paint and can move paint
around on the paper. But the car tracks created a thin line of 
paint and the ice creates a thicker line of paint on the paper.)
Step 1
Step 2

Step 3

Once the ice started to melt, the paint got gooey and fell off
the craft stick. So Busy decided that it was time to finger paint.
This one is my favorite! She made a handprint butterfly all
on her own after the ice turned gooey :) We waited for the paint
to dry, then I drew a butterfly body and she decorated it. 

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