Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Painting with Magnets

Last week we painted with marbles and it was a lot of fun and the paintings turned out great! The next installment of the Painting Project Series is painting with magnets. This one was awesome! Never missing a teaching moment, we discussed a couple of things while doing this one. We talked again how mixing certain colors makes new colors and how you can move a magnet by using another magnet! And afterwards we compared our two magnet paintings. Here is how it goes...

What you need:

  • foil baking pan
  • white paper
  • paint
  • two magnets (different sizes) for the top and one attracting magnet for the bottom
What to do:
  1. Put the paper in the foil tray with some paint dots.
  2. Place one magnet on the paper and hold the other magnet on the bottom of the tray matching it up to the top magnet.
  3. While you are holding the tray, let your child move the bottom magnet around and watch the top magnet move along! 
  4. Once your painting is finished, hang it to dry and grab another piece of paper. 
  5. Using the other size magnet, repeat steps 1-3 then discuss the similarities and differences between the two paintings.
  6. Once dry, hang in your art gallery! 

We used the magnet from the child locks for
the bottom "driver" magnet.

Small magnet painting
Large magnet painting

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