Saturday, February 9, 2013

Painting with Straws

So far we have painted with cars and ice. This time we tried our hand at painting with straws! This idea came from Salsa Pie (which is a great blog, btw). Busy and I always love painting, so it was fun to include one of our favorite little people, Wip, for this project. Both kids did a great job, although I must say Wip was not nearly as thrilled as we were that we could actually paint with straws using our own breath! 

This is what we used:
  • white paper plates (you can also use white paper)
  • Red, yellow and blue paint (we used washable poster paint)
  • drinking straws cut in half (in half so the little people don't have to blow too hard)
This is what we did:
  1. Pour each color paint on the plate close enough together so they don't have to blow the paint too far to get them mixed. (I made a plate for myself as well so I could demonstrate how it was supposed to work)
  2. Show them how to use the straw to blow the paint across the plate and get the colors to mix. *Remind them that they want only air to come through the straw, not spit*
  3. As they blow the paint around, point out how the colors are starting to mix together creating new colors! 
Once the paint dried, we hung Busy's in the Art Gallery. Wip said he didn't want to hang his :( oh, well. Maybe next time.

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