Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

This Easter has been nothing short of awesome! It all started this Friday with a visit from my brother, pregnant sister-in-law and crazy adorable niece! There was a bunch of super cute playing, followed by some age appropriate arguing, followed by some more super cute playing. I love spending time with my brother and his family I just wish we could see them more often!!  So this week in review is actually a weekend in review...the Easter edition :)

Cousin snoogle
watching 'Tinker Bell'

Our Easter art project :)

The Easter Bunny came! And there's nothing like a Kit Kat for breakfast :)

And more chocolate.  

We dyed eggs.

Then went to lunch with the Easter Bunny!!! 

Beansie LOVED the bunny :)
My brother and me with our kids

Family Photo - take one 
There, that's better and as good as it gets.

Happy Easter! 

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