Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quiet Boxes

Busy has always been an amazing sleeper. When she was a wee little girl, we worked really hard to get her on a good schedule (yes, I am a Baby Wise mother) and she was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old (and yes, I am aware that many mothers now hate me). But we worked hard for it and it payed off. And until recently, she has napped everyday. It started slowly with a non-napping day maybe twice a week, then three, four and five times a week. Apparently, her afternoon nap has become a thing of the past, yet I am not ready to give up a little quiet time. Since she is busy (pun intended), I thought that giving her something quiet to do during that time would be good for her. So what did I do? Turn to my good friend, Pinterest, of course! I typed in "quiet time kids" and "quiet boxes" and found some ideas! Genius, right?! I thought so :)

These are our Quiet Boxes. I made one for each day of the week Monday-Friday with the intention of making Saturdays and Sundays either a free choice or quiet time with mommy and daddy. I got the boxes from the dollar store and used packing tape on labeled card stock for the days of the week.  

fishing game from the dollar store
 I already had some of the items I used in the boxes, but others I got at the dollar store, Target and The Parent Teacher Store.
geo board 

letter building foam blocks with book
Felt "puzzles"

Felt dinosaur scene
people counters

Color Wonder markers and book


Today was day 4 of the new quiet boxes and all seems to be going well, so far. She actually fell asleep Monday and Tuesday after playing with the boxes :) 

  • Put enough in each box to keep her interested (and quiet), but not too much. You don't want it to be overwhelming. 
  • Choose items that don't make noise. It is quiet time, after all.
  • Try not to choose _ items unless you are willing to replace them when needed. 
  • Make sure you have a little time to show how to use each item in the box. I sat down with Busy at the beginning of rest time and went over the appropriate way to play with and use each item. 
  • You also need to go over the box rules, then review those rules before each rest time (at least for the first week or so depending on the child) Our rules include where she can use the box and what to do with it when she is finished with it. 
  • I'm thinking I may need an "extras" box so I can rotate some box items to keep her interested.

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