Monday, April 29, 2013


Today is math Monday and recently Busy has been obsessed with numbers! Recently she has been adding numbers together using her fingers and is amazed when she can get the same number by adding different numbers together. I decided today that I would challenge her a bit by introducing inequalities. I started by having her help me make an inequality board like the ones we made in school when I was teaching. I gathered our materials: card stock, markers, scissors, glue or tape, and pipe cleaner or brads. I cut out 2 squares for the number plates and Busy glued them in to place. After cutting out two small rectangles, we poked a small pipe cleaner piece into each one to hold them in place but still allow them to swivel in place. Then I wrote numbers on square pieces up to 15.

I picked two smaller numbers to put on the number plates and showed her how to change the inequality sign with the simple explanation that you always want the sign to open to the bigger number. "Imagine that each number represents pieces of candy. Would you rather eat 2 pieces of candy or 7 pieces of candy?" Of course she changed it up a bit, "I think the inequality sign is a T-Rex and the numbers are long neck dinosaurs. The T-Rex will eat the bigger number." Fine.

We played out inequality game by changing the numbers and reading the inequality ("Nine is greater than one"). She really is one smart cookie :)

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