Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Slime

Busy and I have been trying to get Beans to play with and like to play with the slime we make. He would always poke at it and make an "eeewww" face and really prefer not to really get into it. Well, that has all changed! The other day while Busy was working on her own project, I decided to give some slime to the beans. I also gave him some "tools" to see if he simply wanted something to use to play with it other than his hands. He loved it! It was pretty open ended in that I didn't tell him how to use each tool, but after a few minutes I did show him other ways to play with them. So now when Busy is doing what she calls a big kid project or activity, I sometimes give Beansie a couple of options to choose for his activity, and he actually picks slime :)

His "tools" were a LEGO and a LEGO tiger. 

Recipe Recap
1/2 cup of CLEAR GLUE
1/2 cup of LIQUID STARCH

Mix together then play, play, play!!! 

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