Friday, April 19, 2013

Paper Plate Flower Vase

I remember being a little girl and loving spring! With spring comes fresh cut grass, warm weather, bright sunshine, outdoor play and of course flowers! The flowers at Nana's and Baba's house are beautiful and starting to pop up everywhere, so it only made sense that we made some flower vases to to display those beautiful spring flowers.

What you need:

  • paper plates
  • yarn
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • paint or markers or crayons or stickers
  • tape
What to do:
  1. Paint, draw and decorate the BACK of the paper plate (it makes it easier to fold to make the vase)
  2. Once the paint has dried (you don't have to wait if you use markers or stickers), curl the plate into a funnel shape and tape it to hold the shape.
  3. Punch holes in each top side of the plate and string the yarn through to make a "handle."
  4. Go on a walk and pick some beautiful flowers to put in your new beautiful vases! 

Beansie colored the inside of his vase with markers, then painted to outside :)

 *To keep our flowers alive in our vases longer, we implemented a trick that Nana taught us. We wrapped the stems in a wet paper towel. Then to keep the paper plate from getting wet and soggy, we wrapped the paper towel in aluminum foil. 

We hung our vases in the kitchen window! But on our walk this morning (which was freezing) Busy wanted to carry hers around her neck in case she found more flowers that she wanted to add :)