Friday, April 5, 2013

THE Baby List

When I was pregnant with Busy, I remember that I couldn't wait to find out what we were having so I could start the infamous baby registry. I had talked to some friends that had kids already to see what exactly I couldn't live without and what brands to trust and where to go to register. I remember walking in to Babies R' Us with Super Dad all smiles and ready to pick out all of the cool stuff for our baby girl. We headed to the new parent counter and got the scanner gun (promising to let O use it is how I got him there in first place). As we made our way through the store, I quickly realized that I needed to get a better list together in order to maneuver through this overwhelming super store. So I did. And over the past 4 years, I have been tweaking and re-tweaking that list.

Since I started sharing the list, I have gotten more and more share requests from friends and friends of friends. I am not lying when I say that about a month ago I was in Target listening to a couple trying to figure what type of bottles to register for (okay, so I'm nosey). They seemed completely lost so I outed my nosiness and told them that if they wanted a good list to start with, I could email it to them. She seemed grateful and wrote down her email address and I sent it to her. After that night, I decided to put it up here in order for other soon to be moms to be able to use it. You can take it or leave it, and make it your own. All that I ask is that if you share it, you please provide a link back to here :)


monitor - We have really liked the video monitor 
sound machine (optional)
fitted crib sheets (2)
ultimate crib sheet (2) - I got ours monogrammed to look cute
pack and play - for travel
changing pad
changing pad covers (2)
lap pads (You can put these on the changing table so if you get poopie on it you can just change the pad and not the whole table cover. It's the same concept as the ultimate crib sheet)
swaddling blankets
wedge (optional but I liked having them sleep on one - they slept on it until they started rolling over. It kept them slightly elevated so if they spit up on their back while sleeping, they wouldn't choke. We loved it and so did they)
crib mirror
sleep sacks (2+)
passifiers (P never used them, T likes Dr. Browns) 
thermometer (2 - one for the butt and one for under the arm - they make a short one for 
      the butt so you can’t put it in too far)
diaper disposal (I like Diaper Champ by Baby Trend. You can use regular 13 gallon kitchen bags)
diapers (I like Pampers sensitive- O especially liked these in the beginning because they have a yellow line that turns blue when wet so no guessing when to change them)
Wipes ( I like Huggies Natural Care - with aloe and no alcohol and really thick)
butt stuff (I like A & D or Aquaphor for daytime and Desitin for night)

baby bath tub
Dove cream soap for body (you can use whatever, but this is good for sensitive skin)
wash cloths
hooded towels
knee pad (for side of the tub - optional)
toy holder
Baby shampoo (this one is really a personal preference) 
baby nail clippers
baby hair brush/comb
bath water thermometer (the duck one says HOT if too hot) - you get good at getting the right temp pretty fast.
nasal aspirator (the hospital will have one you can have that is the best one)

breast pump and parts(if you are breast feeding)
milk storage bags (if you are breast feeding)
Lanolin cream - this is for you and your baby-feeding girl parts ;) I used this one and it was fabulous.  Some, however, are concerned with the safety of lanolin so you can find lanolin-free creams as well.
formula (if you are formula feeding)
bottles (I really like Dr. Browns)
Bottle warmer
Dishwasher basket (2) Munchkin dishwasher basket for nipples and such - very useful. it sits on the top rack and fits Dr. Browns perfectly. 
drying rack
Avent dispenser cups (for powdered formula and snacks) - they don’t have to be Avent
My Breast Friend - pillow for nursing (I borrowed one from a friend and loved it)
burp cloths
high chair
white hot spoons - they are colored and turn white if whatever you are feeding her is too hot. I know it's hard to think of spoon feeding, but she can get rice cereal around 4 months old. 
Baby food processor (if you plan to make your own baby food)
food nets like this one- I put in steamed veggies and fruit, avocados and bananas in chunks before they could have larger foods. This prevented the choking hazard. I also put ice in it for teething or for cooling down on a hot day.

jump and go (hangs from door)
exersaucer - both of mine loved our Baby Einstein one
floor jumper (totally optional but nice to have if you have more than one floor)
crib mobile (optional - we didn’t have one because none fit on the wide crib bar. I made one the second time around)
bumbo and tray (P used it, T did not)
boppy and cover - for lounging and tummy time
Play mat - the more colorful and ugly, the more they like it ;)

Pack and play (you can get one with or without a changing table that can be attached) 
infant car seat 
snap and go (get this if you don’t get an infant seat that comes with a “system.” The 
system is a set with the seat+stroller that you can eventually use just stroller when they are bigger. I liked the snap and go because it is smaller and easier to 
use to run errands. 
mirror for head rest
stroller (umbrella stroller - like $20 - and a bigger stroller like a jogging stroller)
diaper bag

mini hangers for mini clothes
closet organizer
laundry basket
storage (for toys and such)
Mylacon (for gas)
Ibuprofen (can’t use until 6 months old)
baby Oragel
Eucerin Calming Cream for after the bath (good during winter months especially)
Mylanta - I know this is weird, but if she has acidic poop that leads to diaper rash, this helps a lot. you pat it on her butt with a cotton ball before applying barrier cream
thermometer (butt and under arm) 
Dreft detergent (worked for breast milk and formula but wasn’t as good once she was 
getting real food on her clothes. Then we started using the clear Tide)
Baby Bjorn or other brand baby carrier 
board books - some of our favorite are :
-Goodnight Moon
-I Love You Stinky Face
-Brown Bear, Brown Bear
-The Runaway Bunny
-Good Night Gorilla
-Eight Silly Monkeys
-B is for Bear
-Any Sandra Boynton Book!!!

infant socks
onsies up to 12 months
sleep sacks (2+) I (and P) loved the ones by Swaddle Designs for cooler months 
and Aden and Anais for warmer months. She liked to be swaddled in a receiving 
blanket until about 4 months old then went into the sleep sack. You use them
until they are old enough to have a big blanket in their crib. It is like a wearable 
blanket :)

So there it is. THE baby list. And if you have any favorite things that you would add to the list or you have any questions, leave a comment. You can never have enough help in this department. It can get really overwhelming!
Beansie during tummy time in the Boppy.

Busy lounging in the Boppy.

Busy enjoying a little snack in the food net.
Busy in the Exersaucer. 
Both kids loved it! (This one is the Beans)

The Jump and Go


  1. Where did you get the cute pink paisley print Boppy cover? Love it!!!!!

    1. I registered for that at Babies R Us when I was pregnant with Busy about 4 years ago. I did some digging and found one on Ebay that says it's new with the tags and all (in case you're interested). I can't seem to find one on the Boppy website or at Babies R Us. The reverse side is super soft, too!

  2. Thank you for the ebay link! And great baby list.... I am due next month and this list truly helps out!!!!