Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week in Review - Spring Break Edition

This week was spring break. We didn't go anywhere, but we certainly enjoyed the week here at home! The Beans started the week with a fever he couldn't quite kick and a double ear infection, but perked up mid week. We loved hanging out in our jammies a little longer in the mornings, we went on a lot of walks, we went to Henry's Ark, we played with friends, went to the zoo, tried out a new playground and Beansie graduated from ISR! This is our week in review in pictures...

ISR graduation - hard to watch, but well worth doing it.
Poor sick baby

Walk #47

Busy was outside pretty much all week! Here, she's  looking for bugs.

Thanks Helen, for the new playground find!
I love my little tree climber

Breakfast at Plehn's (and Beansie's old man face)

Zoo fun!

Walk #352

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