Monday, May 13, 2013

Measurement...with LEGOs.

It's Math Monday again, and today we started measurement. Busy is always trying to read the tape measure so I figured we would break out the LEGOs and get to measuring! I have seen this on Pinterest, but my coworkers and I used to do this in our math lessons as well. Before hand, I made a measurement chart that told what we were measuring, Busy's prediction of how many LEGOs tall it would be, and what the actual measurement was. I set out the items and after a quick reminder of what a prediction was, she started predicting. Then we stacked the LEGOs against the apple, iPhone, smoothie cup, and riding train. With each measurement she wrote down the actual measurement and beamed when she realized that she is quite good at predicting!...then she ate the apple :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Painting with Balloons

So moving on with our Painting Project Series, we decided to paint with balloons today. Busy loves everything about balloons. She likes all sizes, colors and shapes and loves to make up her own experiments using balloons. We have made zip lines, tested sound differences in varying balloon shapes, filled them with water and frozen them. And we have many other fun things up our sleeves! So when I saw this on Kiwi Crate I knew we had to try it!


  • balloons
  • paper plates
  • paper (we used textured paper)
  • paint
How to do it:
  1. Blow up balloons to a size your child can hold in their hand.
  2. Pour out a little paint on paper plates (two colors on each plate).
  3. We used one balloon for each paint color and began by dipping the balloon in the paint and pushing the balloon on the paper to make a balloon print. 
  4. You can mix colors by overlapping and it looks really cool. 
  5. Once dry, hang it in your art gallery and enjoy!