Monday, May 13, 2013

Measurement...with LEGOs.

It's Math Monday again, and today we started measurement. Busy is always trying to read the tape measure so I figured we would break out the LEGOs and get to measuring! I have seen this on Pinterest, but my coworkers and I used to do this in our math lessons as well. Before hand, I made a measurement chart that told what we were measuring, Busy's prediction of how many LEGOs tall it would be, and what the actual measurement was. I set out the items and after a quick reminder of what a prediction was, she started predicting. Then we stacked the LEGOs against the apple, iPhone, smoothie cup, and riding train. With each measurement she wrote down the actual measurement and beamed when she realized that she is quite good at predicting!...then she ate the apple :)


  1. The prediction piece is a great addition to this activity. Great job. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks for linking this post to Tuesday Tots. Just letting you know that I am featuring it this week :)