Sunday, August 11, 2013

1 Week...and counting.

What?!?! That can't be right! Only one more week left of summer break?! As with a lot of things on life, it's bitter sweet. I love being able to wake up whenever, go to the zoo/pool/science center/aquarium/park/Henry's Ark whenever, and just be footloose and fancy free with my kids. But I also like a good schedule and routine. So starting tomorrow morning we are putting into play our new morning schedule. 

We cleaned out the shelves by the front door and created a morning station. There is a place for lunch boxes and school bags, school shoes and morning chart. A while back I posted a toddler chore chart. Today I had Busy help me make two new morning charts, one for her and one for the Beans. Yes, I said the Beans. Yes, he is only 20 months old. And yes, I think/know he can do it too :) This is what the station looks like right now (I'm sure I will be tweaking it over the next week or so): 

Busy insisted we label the shelves with a "Morning Stations" sign and put up her most recent masterpiece, an oil pastel on canvas titled 'The Round Rainbow.' :)

This is what their morning charts look like:
The Beans'

When they have completed each item, they can flip the card to close that number revealing a check mark and 'done.' 
Busy is supposed to make her bed before she comes downstairs, brush her teeth after breakfast and get dressed after brushing her teeth. The Beans gets a little help brushing his teeth after breakfast and getting dressed then has to get his lovey and pacifier for his school bag - in case of emergency ;) My plan is to check the charts before walking out the door and those who have all three checks (meaning they completed their tasks and closed the 'door') get a stamp on their hand. I know, I know. A stamp? Yes. A stamp. Jelly Beans and stamps work wonders. But I'm not going to send them out to their teachers all sugared up...unless it's absolutely necessary ;)

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