Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rainy Day Fun with Chalk

When life hands you rain, you make rainbows! That was what we did on this rainy morning using some rain puddles and sidewalk chalk. We were playing in the puddles and found a small one that had a bit of a grease drip that caused a slight rainbow. Busy was of course asking how the rainbow was made and wondered if we could make our own. I was fresh out of food coloring, so I grabbed the sidewalk chalk, a few small bowls and a fork.

What to do:
1. Crush the chalk in the bowls using the fork
2. let the kids grab pinches of crushed chalk and put them in the water.
Busy and the Beans both liked creating "potions" and mixing colors.

Another Option:
After about 15 minutes I had to crush more chalk, but decided to do it a little differently.
1. Instead of crushing the chalk in small bowls with a fork, I broke the chalk sticks into fourths or thirds.
2. Put the pieces in the puddle and crush them by standing on them.
3. The chalk and water make a paste which was really great to play with. You can mix colors or "paint" with the paste.
Crushed chalk in bowls

*Note: After the puddles dry up, there is a slight chalk residue left on the sidewalk, but after the next big rain it had all washed away*

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