Monday, August 26, 2013

Sticky Easel

I love contact paper! You can so so many different things with contact paper. Recently we had the parents of the kids in my infant class make slides for the light box during parent night, Busy has used contact paper to make sun catchers and we have even used it in a pinch to collect small paper pieces, sequins and glitter off the floor. Today we used contact paper again for a great new project. I got this idea from It's really quite simple yet so open ended!

1. Contact paper (duh)
2. Yarn or any materials that will stick to the paper (twigs, leaves, tissue paper) 
3. Tape (I always use blue painters tape because it comes off easily and doesn't ruin any surfaces) 
4. And an easel (or a wall, cabinet, window or other flat surface) 

What to do:
1. Cut a piece of contact paper to whatever size works for your space. 
2. Peel off the backing and tape it into place sticky side out. 
3. You can either put out pre-cut or pre-gathered materials or have the kids help gather materials and set them out with the contact paper. 
4. I left this completely open ended with Busy! She started sticking the yarn and wood chips to the paper and created a masterpiece. For younger ones you can model how to stick pieces on the paper. 

The Beans isn't quite tall enough to reach the easel with out a stool so I taped his piece of paper on the door window.

Busy said this is "the crew rowing their boats on the Ohio River. The small white pieces are their oars! And the wood chips are speed boats. (We saw this last week on our way to school and she apparently decided to recreate the image :) I love her creativity! 


  1. she always amazes me with here busy mind

  2. How fun! I must try this with my munchkin :)