Friday, August 2, 2013

We Made a Light Box!

So I'm not sure if you have ever looked into buying a light table, but let me tell you...they are so not cheap (@$300!) And let's be honest, I have nowhere to put an extra table. So of course I looked to Pinterest to solve my problem. I searched for DIY light tables and ran across a VERY easy light box idea from 

Busy is watching a Preschool Company Sight Words movie and making the words with the plastic letters on the light box. 

This is what you need: 
1. A box. I used a shallow one from Target and tried to find one that was frosted and not completely transparent. The light is really bright. 
2. An LED camping light. I got mine from amazon. 
3. Batteries for the light
4. Materials to use with the light box. 

What to do:
All you have to do once you put the batteries in the light is put the light in the box and explore away! We used plastic letters on our light box, and I plan to have the kids help me make some other materials using contact paper. Posts to come :) 

Now, how easy is that?! And with a box, we can move it anywhere or take it with us. And you can even use the box as storage for light box materials. And it only cost me about $12!! 

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