Friday, November 22, 2013

Decorating for Thanksgiving

There will be 25 people at our house for Thanksgiving. You heard me right, 25 people! I truly could not be more happy because I really enjoy 1. entertaining and 2. getting together with family. I love the chaos that comes with a bunch of kids running around and adults sitting around talking, watching football, eating, drinking and simply being together. So now it's time to decorate. I asked Lollie (aka Busy) what she wanted to do to help me decorate and she said she wanted to make window decorations. We got out the construction paper, glue, stickers and yarn and got to work. 

1. First she cut paper towel rolls into 4 pieces and toilet paper rolls into 2 pieces.

2. Then we cut construction paper (in fall colors) using the rolls as a guide for size.

3. Using Rubber Cement (I forgot how strong that smell is), she glued the paper on the rolls and used chip clips to hold it in place while the glue dried.

4. Once dry, she glued pouf balls and stickers on the paper covered rolls then strung them on the yarn (think beading = fine motor practice).

5. Then I hung the garland in the kitchen window "so everyone who comes to our house can see it when they pull in the driveway!" 

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