Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I'm baaaack!!!! After spending the last 5 months on a farm with no internet and only 1 TV channel, we are now back in the city and back to our "normal." Let me backup. Back in May we sold our house (in a day) and had no place to go. Some amazing friends offered up a house on their beautiful farm for rent and thus #farmlife began. Every picture taken on this farm was put on Instagram under the hashtag "farm life." It was an unforgettable experience for all of us and we were so fortunate to have been in such a magical place all summer. So before I get back to my "typical" blog posts, here is a snippet of our summer in review, farm style ;)
It all started with a tick...

We went to parties
We played on the farm playground

We went on discovery adventures

We made friends
And met cows

Bean the duck was our favorite animal friend

We got up close and personal with the cows

It was all exhausting at times!

Miss Maggie put us to work ;)

We went on about a million and one walks

Friends came to visit us!

Busy learned to drive ;)

Of course we made art! 

We even found a tagged Monarch butterfly!!!

which you could see come in from miles away
We watched the storms

And we got to sample some of the best produce on the planet

School started for Busy...
and for Beans and Mommy, too.

The views were amazing but just couldn't be captured properly by the camera

We were there for the Fall Festival

Thanks to everyone out at Foxhollow Farm. You all truly helped make our summer an experience of a lifetime. It is very bittersweet to leave, but it's time to move on. And as Busy says "they will always be our farm family."

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