Monday, December 2, 2013

Flour Painting

The beans does not like to paint. Really he doesn't like art that much at all but really doesn't like to paint. You have no idea how that breaks my heart considering how much Busy has always loved to paint! So recently Busy and I have really been trying some new ways to paint in hopes to entice that crazy little stubborn thing ;) Attempt # 497, flour painting!

The Recipe
Flour & water - that's it! And if you want to add color, either add food coloring or Kool-Aid.
Just mix the flour and water together until you get the consistency you are looking for.
*You can make it thicker for the younger ones.

What you need
This time we painted on paper that was taped to the counter with painters tape, but you can also use a paper plate, aluminum foil, mirrors or really any other surface. It's super easy to clean up :)

What to do
Once you mix up the paint, you can either use it as finger paint or paint with a paint brush. You can rub it on, drip it on, or make hand or finger prints. Really there is no wrong way to do this! Just have fun!! Even the Beansie Bear love it!!!