Sunday, December 8, 2013


Oooo, this is a good one! I recently made this for the little ones in my class, and decided to break it out for Busy this afternoon. It truly is amazing!

An oobleck is a "non-newtonian fluid" which means it acts like a liquid when poured and a solid when force is applied to it. In short, it's mind blowing!

This is what you need:

1. corn starch
2. water
3. a clear bowl
4. a fork

What you do:

1. pour about a cup of corn starch into a clear bowl (so you can see the reaction from all sides).
2. slowly pour water into the bowl and mix until it becomes an oobleck. You know you have the right ratio when you can pinch the "solid" in your fingers but when you relax your fingers, the "liquid" runs through your fingers.

This kept Busy, well busy, for over 30 minutes. We talked about the differences between a liquid and solid and how an oobleck acts like both depending on what you are doing with it. After we had our little minion lesson with the activity, she just played with it letting it run through her fingers after mushing it in her hands. And other than it being really awesome, clean up is a breeze! All you do is add water to dissolve away the solid and wipe everything clean with a damp paper towel. EASY! Which is also why it works so well with little ones (because it gets everywhere with the babies!)

She would smush it her hands to create a solid
then relax her hands and let it run through her fingers.

Then she added food coloring...

and sprinkles.
I think next time we may try adding peppermint extract and red food coloring for a Christmas twist :)

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