Sunday, January 5, 2014

Invitation to Play : Snowman

 An Invitation to play : Snowman

What You Need

  • contact paper (you should always have contact paper on hand!) 
  • blue tape (also something you always need handy)
  • cotton balls
  • construction paper
  • craft sticks (another item to always have on hand)
What To Do
  1. tape up contact paper squares
  2. cut out snowman body circles and a hat
  3. put the items for a snowman and snow out for the kids to explore and use as they see fit.
Keep in mind that an invitation to play is pretty open-ended. Your child should be free to play with the materials set out as he/she wants. My kids are very aware of the concept of contact paper and what the invitation means, but each child still gets to make what they want. After playing with the items in the bowl for a bit, Busy figured out that they made a snowman. She asked "is this like always? Do I get to do it my way?" When I said yes, she made what she called a "Snowman in the Wind." Beansie saw what she had done and made his and accurate version of a snowman. Same tree, different apples ;)

I always find it very interesting to see how each kid works with the exact materials!
Busy throws caution to the wind and the Beans is a less is more kind of kid ;)
For more Invitation to Play ideas go to The Imagination Tree. I always find great ideas here when I need a creativity boost.

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