Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Texture Painting

The other day Beansie was walking down the hall running his hand along the wall saying "smoooooth." Yesterday while playing on the playground, he ran his hand along a dried out part on the wood and said "rough." Both times he wasn't talking to anyone, just to himself (which his sister does as well :) as if he was processing a particular concept in the moment. So to expand on this concept of texture, I pulled out the paint. 

What You Need:
  • paint
  • oats
  • paper
  • a small container for each paint color
What To Do:
  1. Put paint in the containers
  2. mix in some oats (it doesn't matter how much you use as long as it creates a bumpy texture)
  3. Set up the activity by talking about how paint feels. "wet" "slimy" and "smooth" are the answers I got. Discuss how these words are ways to describe the texture of paint. 
  4. Now give them the bowls of the paint with oats and let them look at it and touch it.
  5. Ask what they notice about this new paint. "it's bumpy" and "it looks like it has rocks" are the answers I got. Discuss how the texture of the new paint is bumpy or rocky.
  6. Let them use their hands or paintbrushes (or spoon) to paint with the "bumpy" paint. 
  7. As they paint, talk about the similarities and differences between regular smooth paint and the new bumpy paint.
Busy digs right in with her hands and squishes and
squeezes to explore the texture of the paint.

My more cautious child, Beansie uses a
spoon to put the textured paint on the
paper instead of using his hands.

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