Sunday, February 9, 2014

Glass Beads

Busy and the Beans are loving the recent invitations to play that we have been coming up with. They love the open ended aspect of what the invitation is and their creativity really shines :) Our invitation to play this morning was with glass beads and an ice tray.

After playing with the beads in the ice tray for about 20 minutes, Busy asked if they could take them to the light table to build things. After a quick lesson on how to transport the beads in the basket (both hands with walking feet) they were engaged for another 20 minutes making patterns, pictures, shapes and piles using the new glass beads. 

This light table was my dad's when he used to read his slides or x-rays at home. My grandfather made a wooden table for the light box part of it and my mom just recently gave it to us to use! Before now, we were using this light box that we made using a clear storage box and an LED camping light. I have also seen them using white Christmas light strands. 


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