Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Loose Parts - Stones

Since my last post about our glass beads invitation to play Busy and the Beans have been going back to the beads multiple times a day! They love trying to stack them, knocking them together and on different surfaces comparing the sounds, making patterns on the light table and filling up various containers. There are endless possibilities! So with my thinking cap on I decided to pull together some other loose parts for open ended play.

So this weekend I dumped out a couple of vases full of river stones and put them in one of the new baskets. When the kids came down to explore some more with the beads, they found the stones along with a long mirror (from our closet) and got to work...

While Beansie was content sticking with the
glass beads while Busy got her turn with the
stones first.

Busy started with the river stones on the mirror
Then they came up with the idea to mix the
parts. They noticed that some were transparent
and others were opaque and that they were all
smooth :)

Loose parts in the environment are meant to empower our creativity. To learn more about loose parts read this at Let the Children Play. She posts about the theory of loose parts, gives some examples of loose parts materials and lists reasons why play spaces should include loose parts. It's fascinating! 

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