Wednesday, February 5, 2014


This past week Busy has shown a real interest in snakes! We went to the zoo this past weekend (during a rare not frozen day) and she spent quite a while with the snakes. She even somehow talked us into getting her a stuffed snake in the gift shop (named Snakey). So naturally, took her new found interest and ran with it. Monday was a snow day which was a perfect time to start our new learning topic: snakes!

I printed off some snake facts for kids and we sat down to talk about what we read. Did you know that snakes don't have eyelids?!

Then I made a big letter S on paper and they brainstormed different words that started with the letter S like snake.

  • slither
  • slime
  • Saturday
  • Santa
  • sister 
  • and star are some of the words Busy came up with
Then she suggested that I make the top of the S look like a snake's head :)

After making our sound board list, we started making snakes using various materials. 
Then he decided to cut out snakes.
Beansie began making a pipe cleaner
beaded snake (bonus:great fine motor practice)

Busy used Snakey as a model to make her paper snake.
We used the computer to look up some pictures of different kinds of snakes. Some or their favorites were coral snakes, milk snakes, rattle snakes and pythons. The green one is a garden snake. The brown one is made from a paper towel tube and is a rattle snake. The red, black and yellow one is a coral snake. And the cute little beaded one is Beansie's "baby nake." 
I love this!

Then after they finished all of the snakes, we put it all up on the display wall in the kitchen. (The display wall is where we hang learning work from home and school. We move things to the playroom wall once new learning goes up. I have glorious ideas for this wall later!)

Tuesday afternoon it snowed and iced (again). After baths and before bed I put glow sticks in the snow/ice and had the kids go to the dining room window to look outside. All the lights were out and it looked really cool! Busy said "LOOK! IT'S A GLOW SNAKE!!!" (unintentional on my part) They got bundled up and went out to unbury and rebury the snake :)

Today (yet another snow day) we make another snake…a bubble snake!

What You Need:

  • dish soap
  • shallow dish
  • plastic water bottle
  • sock
  • rubber band or duct tape
  • scissors

What To Do:
  1. cut the bottom of the bottle off and put the sock on (like you put it on your foot)
  2. use the tape or band to secure the sock
  3. mix the soap and water
  4. dip the sock end of the water bottle into the soapy solution and blow into the bottle from the mouth piece

As we were doing our snake activities we kept talking about what we had learned about snakes. I noticed that Busy kept comparing snakes to people so we took it a step farther with a Venn Diagram :)

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