Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Invitation to Play - Pipes

While we were at Home Depot last week, I made a quick stop by the PVC pipe isle and picked up some tubes for exploring. I got a long piece for $5 and had them cut it in 12" sections. It made enough for some at home and some for us to take to school. I first let Beansie decorate his pipe then used painters tape to secure the pipe to the banister at the bottom of the stairs and set out materials to use with the pipes. I set out some glass beads, craft sticks, and pouf balls of all sizes.

The Beans experimented with different materials in the tube for about 30 minutes! He started with the glass beads. "These go fast!" Then he used the craft sticks. Then he put the beads and the sticks in together and tried the small pouf balls.

Then he put the largest pouf ball in the pipe and got it stuck. After a minute of trying to reach the pouf with his fingers, he looked at the rest of his materials and grabbed a craft stick. He poked the stick in the pipe until it lodged in the center of the pipe. 

After a minute more of poking, I asked him if he remembered how we got the train out of the box when it got stuck (that happened a few days earlier). He said "You pushed really really hard and it popped out! But I pushed hard and now it can't reach!!" 

So I asked him how to make more pressure on the pouf ball in the center of the pipe to push if he can't reach it, fully expecting him to say he needed to make the sticks longer. But his solution was to start putting the glass beads in the pipe. When he had no more beads and nothing had happened, he went to get more. 

After more beads were dropped in the pipe, the pouf ball was finally pushed free! "I did it!! The pouf ball came out!!" After high fives and hugs, we talked about what he did and why it worked. Then I demonstrated another way to solve his problem (taped craft sticks together) to which he replied "Actually, I never thought of that!" 

Love that kid :)

**Sorry I didn't get any more pictures of problem solving! I was so in the moment that I completely forgot to pick up the camera for most of it ;)

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