Thursday, March 13, 2014

Liquid Watercolor Circles

I am in love with liquid watercolors. Regular water colors are convenient and easy and nice for traveling, but liquid watercolors are awesome! The colors are more vibrant and rich and the effect of liquid watercolors on watercolor paper is beautiful. A while back Busy did a mini artist study on Kandinsky using oil pastels. We had talked specifically about his Concentric Circles. She really enjoyed doing this activity at such a young age that I decided it was time to revisit that post with her and create another work of art inspired by Kandinsky using liquid watercolors. I went about it a little differently this time since I was inspired by the Art Bar Blog when she did this guest post for Small For Big.

This is how it started…

  1. I made a grid on watercolor paper with 12 squares.
  2. I put out the paint brushes, bowl of water and paper towel for blotting.
  3. Then I set our the watercolors in our paint tray (it's called a cupcake palette from JoAnns). You can use whatever you usually put paint in for art projects. 
When Busy sat down I gave her only one rule: when drawing your circle, make sure it touches each side of the square (top, right, bottom, left). As she started to make her first circle, it was apparent that drawing a circle inside of a square where all sides of that square must make contact with the circle was actually very difficult for a 4 year old to accomplish spatially. It made much more sense to start with a small circle in the middle (not touching the sides of the square). She was then able to expand her circle out to the square edges perfectly :) 

As she painted we talked about how each circle could touch the one next to it so that they mixed a little creating a new color in between. I asked her what color was her favorite by itself and what colors she liked blended together. And she sat in silence to work as well. "Mommy, sometimes I work better when you don't ask me so many questions." Well alrighty then… ;) 

When she was finished we looked back on the Kandinsky post from a year and a half ago and compared her works of art. She said for her next project she wants to use both oil pastels and watercolors! Stay tuned...

And in case you want to know what products we like…

The watercolors we use are from
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