Monday, April 14, 2014

How We Do Easter Eggs

I have absolutely nothing against your store bought Easter egg dye. In fact, we have dyed eggs with the vinegar and tablet mixture every year. But there really is nothing quite like how my brother and I used to decorate eggs…with some good ole fashion water colors! I know, it's shocking that I am writing yet another post about water colors, but we LOVE liquid water colors!! But in this art activity, the water colors aren't even the best part. The best part of egg decorating for me is the egg blowing. You don't hear much about this step in the process anymore, but it's the best. I remember as a kid thinking that this part was the most important part, and that made me important :) So this year we pulled out the eggs, blew them out, painted them pretty and put them on display. I hope you try it!!

What You Need:
  • eggs
  • the egg carton 
  • a nail (or something with a sharp point)
  • liquid water colors
  • paint brush
  • white crayon (optional)

What To Do:
1. Tap a small hole in the top and bottom of all the eggs.
2. Blow all of the insides out in the sink.

3. set out all of your paints and brushed while the 
eggs are drying from the blowing process. 

 4. Carefully so not to break the eggs, paint them however you like!

 5. While the kids were painting, I heated a white crayon in the oven
on 350 degrees for a few minutes on parchment paper. When I took out the crayon,
I let it cool for a few seconds and let them color on a few eggs (and we rolled one of 
the eggs in the melted crayon drippings on the paper). I thought of this idea because
of the activity we just did with melted crayons on wood.

This is Busy's melted crayon egg
My favorite melted crayon egg

Another melted crayon egg that Busy rolled around
in the paint tray.

 6. As they finish an egg, place them in the egg carton to dry.

7. Once dry, we placed them in the kitchen window to enjoy!! 

I am totally in love with how these turned out!! And remember, the Beans is not quite 2 and a half. 
If you show them how and let them try, they can do it! And worse case scenario, the egg breaks!! Just use the shells of the broken ones to make an Easter egg collage! Glue the shells to paper then once dry, paint the shells! There is no such thing as "I messed up." You can always make an "oops" into something special ;)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Melted Crayon Resist On Wood

 We were very busy (no pun intended) over spring break. But the most successful, fun and cool art project has to be the wooden art planks! I got the idea from The Artful Parent. She used wooden blocks and since we didn't have blocks, we used the wooden pieces we did have (there is a house being built on the lot next door so we raided the dumpster ;) She also does this activity on rocks which we will also be giving a try. 

What you need:
- wood pieces 
- crayons (we also used oil pastels)
- liquid water colors

What to do:
1. Heat the wood pieces in the oven on a cookie sheet - 350 degrees until hot
2. Once hot, take the wood pieces out and place them on a towel to protect the table
3. Draw on the wood. The crayons will melt as you draw! We found that the oil pastels
actually worked better because the colors were richer and the resist was better as well.
4. After your drawings are finished, paint over the drawings.
The watercolor resist worked really well and looked great! 
Drawing on the hot wood

after the watercolor was applied

Busy did a fantastic job with this project! The one on the right ^ is my favorite!! 
This is one that Mo (aka the artistic grandmother) did taking
advantage of the knot hole in the wood. 

The backside of Mo's art piece from above

Then I did a test piece to see what watercolors
looked best with various oil pastel colors.

This was a GREAT project!! The wood didn't get too hot for Busy to handle while drawing and Beansie could do it as well. I may not let him do the hot rocks since the rocks will get a lot hotter, but we shall see.