Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Rainbow Sun Catcher - Painting in White Glue

Hello Sunshine!!! We have made many sun catchers over the years and I am always up for new versions of this art activity. We love when the sun shines in the summertime so we can hang our beautiful creations in the window!! I found this version at Babble Dabble Do and knew we had to give it a try. 

What You Need:
  • white glue
  • a shallow lid - we used the lid from an animal crackers container. 
  • food coloring
  • tooth pick
  • hole punch
  • string or yarn or ribbon
What To Do:
  1. Pour the white glue in the lid. Tip: the more you pour, the longer it will take to dry. But if you don't pour enough, it will be too brittle when it dries and will break when you punch the hole. 
  2. Drop one of each color of food coloring into the glue.
  3. Using a tooth pick, swirl the drops of food coloring together. 
  4. This is when you can add more food coloring drops if you want more coloring then swirl again. 
  5. Let dry - this is the most difficult part for kids who like immediate gratification ;)
  6. Once dry (ours took about 3 days to dry completely) peel the sun catcher out of the lid.
  7. Punch a hole in the sun catcher and string the ribbon through. Then hang it in a sunny window!!  
Step 1

Step 2
Step 3

We will definitely be making many more of these!! And I can't wait to hang all of our creations! 

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