Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ninja Turtle Puppet Sticks

If you turn on the TV, Busy will watch it. But if you don't, she will show her most creatively fun side :) I was doing some work in the kitchen during Beansie's nap today while Busy was drawing in her art book. After about 30 minutes of "Lollie Time", she called up for me saying she needed some help tying some rubber bands. I headed down to the playroom to find her at her work bench coloring craft sticks, cutting rubber bands and sorting pom poms. Not wanting to derail her focus, I tied the rubber bands around the green colored craft sticks like she asked and sat back to watch. She then proceeded to take one blue, one red, one purple and one orange pom pom and stick it under each tied rubber band. She held up all four sticks and said "It worked! I made Ninja Turtle Sticks!!"

And as simple as it seems, she really never ceases to amaze me :)

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