Friday, July 18, 2014

Fine Motor Practice

After a lot of traveling, this morning we were finally able to relax, play, create and just be together. Just a mom and my kids doing what we like best. After some drawing and making a new dress up closet (post to come), the Beans came out of the art room with a water color palette, a paint brush and some paper and asked for some water in a bowl :) After watching him create his masterpiece, it was time for some more fine motor practice. 

We have been doing some things with Beansie to help with fine motor skills. Today I set out a small drying rack with some clothes pins and left the activity open. He pinched the clothes pins open and closed then started attaching them to the drying rack. I then asked him to take them all off again and rearrange them, which he did, then took them off again and put them away. All you need is a drying rack and some clothes pins :)

 Fine motor is "the ability to coordinate the small muscles of the hand." Strength, dexterity and hand-eye coordination are needed before being able to manipulate a pencil. Fine motor practice is a good way to help develop these hand muscles for future success. For more fine motor practice ideas, check out this post or click the Tiny Tots tab at the top of the Busy and The Beans home page. 

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