Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nature Weaving

Today is a beautiful day so Busy and I decided to do some collecting while the Beans was napping. She wanted to collect rocks of different sizes, sticks of different lengths and leaves of different shapes. As she kept picking up various sticks, I noticed a few really good ones that we could use to make the loom we have been talking about. So with weaving in mind, we finished collecting some things and headed back in to get to work. 

What You Need:
  • sticks - you need 4 good sturdy sticks for the frame
  • leaves
  • branches - the more pliable, the better
  • scissors
  • yarn or string
What To Do:
  1. After collecting the materials, lay out your 4 frame sticks in a square with the ends overlapping.
  2. Using the string or yarn, tie each frame corner together. Tie the ends in a knot to secure it. 
  3. Tie one end of another piece of string to one corner of the frame and start winding the string from top to bottom on the frame.
  4. Tie the other end of the string to the opposite corner of the frame. You may have to adjust the string to make it tight enough to hold the weaving materials in place. 
  5. Start weaving! Think 'over, under, over, under.' The do the opposite on the next material used. 
  6. When they are finished, they can hang their masterpiece in the window and watch the sun shine through! 

The finished frame
As we were winding the string from top to bottom we noticed that the string was not staying in place! So I turned to to solve our problem. She suggested wrapping the string twice at each loop to keep the string from sliding around. It also helps keep in tight. She does a much better job explaining how to do that here :)

I braided some lily leaves together for her to weave through
The bamboo branches worked really well! 

This is also a great fine motor activity! 

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