Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shaving Cream On A Mirror

It's raining cats and dogs out there!!! I had planned for a nature walk and scavenger hunt this morning while Super Dad was playing golf, followed by a family picnic lunch. Well shame on me for not checking the weather! The storms came through last night and didn't let up until mid day, so needless to say, plans changed. Instead of the walk, we had a dance party in the playroom complete with costumes (there was a ballerina and an astronaut!). And instead of a scavenger hunt, we played t-ball with a beach ball and golf club (not one of my better parenting decisions considering my son, turns out, has a pretty good batting average ;) Then to get the troops settled and in a calmer mode for lunch, we decided to break out the shaving cream for some sensory play. And we added a new element to our shaving cream this time: a mirror. And this is how it all went down…

What You Need:

  • shaving cream (or whip cream for the ones who still like to put things in their mouth)
  • water beads (or tapioca balls for the ones who still like to put things in their mouth)
  • a mirror.
What To Do:
  1. Put the mirror on a flat surface. Then I always start out by reviewing the expectations. 1. The shaving cream stays on the mirror. 2. The water beads stay on the mirror 3. Accidents happen, simply fix the problem if one comes up (clean up a spill, throw away a broken water bead, etc.)
  2. Spray shaving cream on the mirror in front of each child (you may notice that I drew a line down the middle of the mirror to separate his side from hers - he didn't want shaving cream at first)
  3. Put a few water beads on the mirror. 
  4. Let them play! 

Busy started bouncing the water beads and quickly
learned that she needed to hold the bead close to the
mirror to keep the bead from bouncing off the counter.
Beansie eventually wanted shaving cream on
his side as well. 
Busy then made the observation that the shaving cream looked like icing so they asked if they could add some sprinkles and food coloring and they made their own cupcakes! Creative little boogers ;)

And don't forget you can do this with the tiny tots! Just use whipped cream and tapioca balls (or leave out the balls all together). You can also use pudding instead of shaving cream! And doing it all on a mirror adds another sensory experience. If you don't have a mirror like this one, you can put shaving cream on the bathroom mirror :) When finished, wipe it clean with a damp paper towel. 

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